For early bird surprises, please note that due to location, rush hour traffic and most of all security ,we just might not guarantee anytime before 7am.

In cases of early morning surprises (between 12am and 7am), for security reasons, client will be required to provide suitable accommodation for the team to enable timeliness.

As a company of reputation, we love to always keep to time but in cases of unnecessary traffic we try not to exceed an hour of the stipulated arrival time.



All videos are recorded and edited for airing unless you give WOW SURPRISES specific permission to do otherwise.

As much as you provide content for us to film, WOW SURPRISES still reserves the right to own our copy of the recording and as such choose to share to you or any other platform.



The whole team might not be present when you book for the service of only the saxophonist, guitarist or violinist .

Waiting time doesn’t exceed 45mins so as not to eat into the time of other clients.